• Minifig Delight! -
  • Someone came in today looking for a pair of Chinese finger cuffs. I think that beats the requests for Ouija Boards.
  • Happy Birthday to Us -
  • I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Events"
  • I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Events"
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Holiday Inventory

Some of us have already completed holiday shopping a few weeks ago…..most of us are still struggling to find a great gift. If you find yourself close to Yellow Springs, swing into our store and check out the new stock of LEGO & other building products that just came in fresh off the truck.


Either you love Bionicle or you hate them, but we got a few used ones this past week. If you are looking for your favorite Piraka, Toa or Barakki swing by to see what’s available. We also have a large bin of spare parts in case your hero is missing an arm, leg or crucial element.

Series 10 Minifigures Available!

Series 10 in shiny gold packaging has just arrived. Another wonderful 16 characters to collect. This time LEGO decided to throw everyone for a loop and include the super-rare #17 ‘Mr. Gold’ figure – a Gold Chrome fig based on the actor in Times Square or Jubilee Gardens (but reminds us of Mr. Peanut). Only 5000 were made!

Star Trek KRE-O

The first assortment of Hasbro’s Star Trek KRE-O sets arrived! See the movie, then pickup a set from Blokhedz to recreate your favorite scenes.